Tough Seal™ Rotationally-Molded Buoy Construction

Seamless Manufacturing: when durability matters

Our premium products are made from pollution resistant high-density polyethylene resin with a leak-proof, seamless design and vinyl marking graphics for maximum durability and fade protection.

Utilizing a drop forged eye these buoys provide a strong choice when you need to moor your boat. A blue reflective stripe is standard with sizes from 13” (33.02cm) diameter to 24” (60.96cm) diameter.

Mooring Buoys

Mooring buoys protect shorelines, natural habitats, coral reefs and other boats by giving boaters an alternative to anchoring. By anchoring to the seabed by lines or chains, mooring buoys are applicable for all types of vessels, floating platforms or aquaculture structures. To avoid confusion with navigation aids, mooring buoys have a distinctive color scheme – white with a blue horizontal band.