ABout Walsh Marine Products

100% American Made in Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA

Walsh Marine Products was founded in Brookfield, Wisconsin in 2004 with one simple mission: become the world’s leading manufacturer of buoys and floats, while providing the best pricing in the market. 


All Walsh Marine products are rotationally-molded with tough polyethylene plastic and are 100% foam filled. Each buoy and float has been designed to meet or exceed all state and federal regulations. Combining these features with a seamless design provides a durability and longevity that make Walsh Marine Products the most dependable waterway markers on the market.

Meets All Coast Guard Requirements

White Glove Customer Care

Our customer base ranges from large government agencies to individuals wanting a personalized float for their pier. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with all of your buoy and flotation needs, questions or challenges. 

Our Beliefs 

At Walsh Marine Products, we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. We believe in the potential of the American worker. So all of our products are produced with US manufactured components at our facility in Brookfield WI.

Supporting Our Beliefs

To support beliefs, we design and manufacture our buoys, markers and floats so our customers benefit from both product longevity and ease-of-use. Through our innovative design approach, Walsh marine products outperform comparable items. Because Walsh products both last longer and are easier to use and maintain, our customers enjoy an overall lower cost of ownership over time. The resins used in Walsh buoys are both ultra-violet and chemical resistant. So they can better withstand exposure to pollutants and sunlight. Our innovative designs eliminate the need for seams and caps that can result in leakage and premature wear.