Tough Seal™ Rotationally-Molded Construction

Our premium products are made from pollution resistant high-density polyethylene resin with a leak-proof, seamless design and vinyl marking graphics for maximum durability and fade protection.

Seamless Manufacturing Matters: Comparison Table

The Competition
Chemical Resistance HDPE resin is highly resistant to petrochemicals and waterborne pollutants ABS resins are more susceptible to degradation from exposure to chemicals
Impact Strength HDPE Resin’s pliability is more forgiving.  More likely to bend than break Rigid ABS plastic has less give and cracks more easily
Structural Design Seamless Design: Prevents seepage, cracking and breakage Caps and seams are prone to leakage
Hardware Stainless Steel, Galvanized and PVC. Compare
Flexibility Flexibility with minimums, customization and special orders. Minimum order requirements provide a barrier to customization
Marketing & Lettering Permanent vinyl markings resist fading from the elements Screen print links will fade when weathered
Maintenance & Refurbishment Easy-T0-Use Refurbishments Kits Walsh refurbishment kits can be used to repair buoys with faded inks