The Many Uses of 1428 Float Collar Buoys

1428 Float Collar Buoy with diamond shape
What does the diamond shape mean?

The right buoys are essential to keep inland waterways safe and to stay on the right side of U.S. Coast Guard and other federal, state and local regulations. Float collar buoys are designed to display a clear message or warning while staying afloat even in rough weather. Specifically, 1428 float collar buoys are designed to convey information to ships and boats about safety or regulatory requirements, preferred channels and other special situations.

Functions of Regulatory Buoys

Regulatory buoy installations are designed with orange bands at both top and bottom and feature a white background across the middle space, which ensures that ship and boat operators notice and heed the information posted on these buoys. These buoys feature one of four specific shapes that indicate the type of information they deliver:

  • Circles are used to indicate restrictions on speed or other operations within the area. The information may be inside the circle or may be printed in black ink above or below it.
  • A diamond shape with a cross inside means that no boats or ships can enter the area. This is used to indicate swimming areas and other places where it is unsafe to operate watercraft.
  • Squares are used to alert boaters to nearby amenities, directions and distances and other helpful information.
  • A diamond shape without a cross indicates hazards to boaters in the area of the buoy.

These symbols are common to most regulatory buoys and offer consistent information to boaters and ship’s captains in your area. See the U.S. Coast Guard’s What You Need to Know About the Markers on the Water

How Channel Buoys Work

Channel buoys are designed with red and green horizontal bands. When traveling upstream or returning to a channel from the open ocean, navigators should stay in the channel indicated with red as its topmost color. Downstream travel follows the reverse path and should stick to the channel designated by green-topmost channel buoys. This ensures the greatest possible safety for all those traveling by boat or ship in the area.

Special Area and Feature Buoys

Buoys designed as special aids for navigators on the water typically are bright yellow and may have one black letter to indicate the type of hazard or feature that could be encountered. Common uses for these 1428 float collar buoys include separating channel traffic, the use of fishnets, the presence of pipelines or cables, anchorage points and jetties. Depending on your location, you may also see float collar buoys with vertical black and white stripes. This indicates a State Waters Obstruction Mark, which warns boats and ships that there is an obstruction to navigation between the shore and the buoy.

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